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Casio MTG-B1000: Malaysia Price and Review

Casio marches onward with the latest technology in telling time.

Casio MTG-B1000

It’s hard to believe it was just 40 years ago when the mechanical watch industry was thrown into chaos by the wave of Japanese quartz movements. For more than two decades, quartz ruled supreme and, despite a revival of mechanical watches in the mid-1990s, the landscape of the watch industry was forever changed.

Casio is one the earliest quartz watch manufacturers in the scene and most well known for its G-Shock watches. Launched in 1983 to take on its competitors, the watch appealed very much to the younger demographic, offering a multitude of functions and the ability to take a beating (hence the ‘Shock’ name). As time progressed, the technology of the watch advanced by leaps and bounds with Bluetooth, radio signals and thermometers incorporated into the collection. Needless to say, the design also progressed to a much more futuristic look, while remaining functional.

The latest MTG-B1000 range comes with two colour options, black and silver, but also important updates such as a brand new shock-resistant construction enabling the watch to slim down considerably from its chunkier predecessors.

Dubbed the Core Guard Structure, the innovation employs a metal frame that is formed by joining the bezel and back cover with metal parts to house the module and provide shock resistance. The carbon fibre reinforced inner case is housed in a box-shaped frame that joins the bezel, back cover, and band connector while the fine resin band is connected by metal parts and large bolts thus ensuring a tight fit.

Casio MTG-B1000

Because of its slimmer construction, many of its internal parts can be changed and rearranged to accommodate the new surface without losing out on any function that is vital to its operation.

Using the latest in radio wave signal technology, the watch can be calibrated to tell time all around the world. It also incorporates the Connect Engine module via Bluetooth, allowing users to pair the watch with their smartphone allowing the user to easily set the world time and alarms from their app. The cherry on the top? Users will also be reminded to charge the watch and be warned of magnetic interferences nearby.

For the microsecond-obsessed watch enthusiast that’s looking to sport a tough beauty, the Casio G-Shock MTGB1000 might be one to consider. We wouldn’t recommend wearing it to a high-powered boardroom meeting but otherwise, this watch is perfectly fine for casual weekends and sporty adventures.


55.8mm light metal alloy


Black sunburst dial with three sub-dials and appliqué steel markers and steel hands


Electronic movement powered by a solar power system




Multi-band radio frequencies and reception, Bluetooth connectivity, world timer, stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, LED light, battery indicator

 Water Resistance



RM3,299 (silver), RM3,399 (black)

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