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NEW: Lang & Heyne Georg SHH Edition II ‘One of 12’

The grand opening of a Thai outpost is as good an excuse as any for a new drop

In 2022, Lang & Heyne and Sincere Watch Group debuted the first Georg SHH Edition to commemorate the relaunch of the latter’s high-end concept boutique SHH at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Well-received by collectors, it’s no surprise that this month’s grand opening of SHH Pendulum at Siam Paragon in Bangkok should herald a second iteration of the award-winning watch.

The Lang & Heyne Georg SHH Edition II has an 18K rose-gold case with a pair of ceramic dials set against a burgundy givree-finished silvered baseplate. Don’t be fooled by this deceptively simple description, however. Enthusiasts will know this belies founders Marco Lang and Mirko Heyne’s intentionally low-key approach to crafting exceptional mechanical pieces. 

For starters, to make the raw ceramic discs, they are first engraved, before being precisely cut with a laser. The outer contours of the dials are then sanded so that they fit precisely into the base plate’s corresponding recess. Meanwhile, the application of high-quality “Berlac Print” ink by hand on the engravings of up to 0.05mm in width allows various colours to be realised on the dial. Everything is then grinded and polished flat on a wooden disc to achieve a high-gloss effect. The edges are also chamfered and polished, giving the dial a spotless, three-dimensional look.

To further highlight the different layers found on the watch face, the two dials sit on separate levels—the second is further recessed than the main dial. For Lang & Heyne to achieve this, two individual ceramic discs were used. At only 0.4 mm thick, the second dial is affixed from the back, while the main dial is sealed into the carrier from the front. This seemingly subtle design element gives the impression of the second dial appearing to be partially embraced by the main dial.

But to truly appreciate the German watchmaker’s skill, you must flip the watch over. Here, you will discover, through the open caseback, the hand-engraved Calibre VIII and its golden wheels, levers and springs, and stainless-steel bridges. These elements work in concert with the various polished and matte surfaces to reflect light and impart depth to the movement.

All in all, the Georg SHH Edition II perfectly embodies the longstanding partnership between Lang & Heyne and Sincere Watch Group—and we look forward to discovering the many more collaborations that are surely to come.


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