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INTRODUCING: Keeper of Time, The Hour Glass Movie

Assembling a movement in Keeper of time

A heartfelt documentary offering an insight into independent watchmaking. 

A FP Journe movement in Keeper of Time

The horological fervour of renowned retailer The Hour Glass can be reflected in the independent watch brands it carries. Independent watch brands are a unique breed - a fiercely creative cognoscenti of marques that seem to place freedom of expression and horological integrity as priorities in their creations. And in doing so, these watchmakers breathe new life and excitement into the crafting and appreciation of watches, and offer authentic perspectives on luxury horology that is often missing in mainstream circles.

Michael Culyba, director of Keeper of Time 

To celebrate this spirit, as well as pay homage to the most illustrious names in independent watchmaking, The Hour Glass premieres Keeper of Time, a full-length documentary directed by Michael Culyba, of which it serves as executive producer. Keeper of Time tells the story of independent watchmaking greats such as Philippe Dufour and Francois-Paul Journe, offering insights into their horological philosophies and journeys. The film also lovingly documents the art of mechanical watchmaking, its history and the pursuit of perfect time-telling, demonstrated by some of the most beautiful and intricate timepieces ever made.

FP Journe in Keeper of TimeFrancois-Paul Journe

Philippe Dufour in Keeper of time

Philippe Dufour

MB&F HM No.6 in Keeper of time 

A perfect paean to horology for both watch enthusiasts and casual fans of horology, Keeper Of Time is available one demand here



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