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INTRODUCING: Urwerk UR-100V Magic T

Take a trip back to the future with Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei at their minimalist best

The UR-100V Magic T is all about the nuances, the reflections, and the chromatic subtleties of titanium. From case to bracelet, the metal takes on a luminous and intense metallic grey sheen.

As Felix Baumgartner, master watchmaker and co-founder of Urwerk, says, “This UR-100V Magic T fully deserves its nickname evoking the magic of titanium. This material lends itself beautifully to the finest finishes. We have loved and admired raw titanium, and now we have it gleaming in full brilliance, thanks to light, refined shot-blasting. All the beauty of the metal is there.”

In true Urwek fashion, the UR-100V Magic T has also benefitted from a little tinkering that brings Baumgartner’s horological technicality and Urwerk artistic director and co-founder Martin Frei’s aesthetic linguistics to the fore. “We also worked on the legibility of our timepiece, adding complexity to the dial that is now broken down into several elements to give it more structure,” says Baumgartner. 

Nonetheless, the Urwerk wandering hours remains very much in place, whereby a hands-free hours and minutes display based on satellites moves along a graduated arc of a circle. When one hours satellite has completed its 60 minutes, the next one bearing the next hour appears in front of the number zero minutes index.

The UR-100V wouldn’t be an Urwerk creation if it didn’t refer to space in some shape or form. Hence, it bears two long recesses on the sides of its satellite carrier. The first is a counter for kilometres—those travelled by the Earth along its own axis in 20 minutes, namely 555. The other also counts kilometres—this time those travelled by the Earth around the Sun during the same period of time, namely 35,740.

Like a blank page, the UR-100V lends itself to its creators’ desires and fanciful touches. “The look of the 100 collection offers scope for endless interpretations,” says Frei. “We have created a watch that assumes the role of our ‘classic’. A versatile timepiece that changes mood and appearance over time. And even though I am one of its creators, I perpetually discover and rediscover it in its different variations, always with the same impatience and the same pleasure.”


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