Hublot Introduces The Unico Essential Grey

Hublot Unico Essential Grey

An online exclusive that will be right up Hublot collectors’ alley. 

Hublot Unico Essential Grey 

Hublot’s new Unico Essential Grey isn’t just a chic and flamboyant ticker – the brand is using the timepiece to make a case for its push for e-commerce. Limited to 200 pieces, the Unico Essential Grey is only available for purchase online at and will not be stocked in physical stores. Customers will also be able to acquire it online using certain cryptocurrencies with BitPay.
“For the first time in the history of Hublot, we have imagined and designed the Big Bang Unico Essential Grey limited edition solely to be sold online. In doing so, we wanted to emphasise how important e-commerce has become in our thinking. All our fans, collectors, and potential clients now have an equal chance to obtain this magnificent and rare new model,” says Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

Hublot Unico Essential Grey 

Online-fuelled exclusivity aside, how does the Unico Essential Grey stack up? On first impression, we sense a distinct cyber-inspired aesthetic about the watch. Cloaked in gritty monochromatic grey, the watch would not have looked out of place on the set of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner like some sort of rugged and futuristic timepiece worn by a wealthy vigilante.

 Close up of the dial of the Unico Essential Grey

Interestingly, the all-grey tone on the Unico Essential Grey doesn’t diminish but enhances its features and legibility. The 42mm titanium case is satin-brushed all over, and the finish accentuates every component, from the exposed bezel screws to the chronograph pushers and crown. Likewise, the open-worked dial, though intriguingly multi-layered and complex, doesn’t require you to squint the eyes or think twice before ascertaining the time or chronograph display.

View of the Calibre HUB 1280 of Unico Essential Grey 

The Unico Essential Grey houses the automatic Calibre HUB 1280. Conceived and manufactured in-house, the Calibre HUB 1280 features a flyback chronograph function that allows the chronograph to jump back to zero for instant reset and restart of the chronograph timing. An advanced engine, the movement is equipped with a column wheel for smooth activation of the chronograph, silicium escape wheel and pallet fork that require no lubrication and reduce wear-and-tear on the movement parts, and 72-hour power reserve. In short, a state-of-the-art, high-performance movement to match the Unico Essential Grey’s cybernetic allure.



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